Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties are our speciality, Crystal Mountain offers the perfect venue for you child's next birthday party.
Contact us today to plan your child's special day!

Birthday Party Activity Options
Fun Pass
Birthday Package
$25 per Child
(Min 8 Paying Children)

Activities include:
Crystal Mine Museum
Animal Park Entry
 1 x Bag of Animal Food
Mystery Mountain  (Indoor Activities Building)
Crystal Mountain Express Train
Dinosaur Gully
Ultimate Experience Birthday Package
$35 per child
(Min 8 Paying Children)

All day - Activities include:
Crystal Mine Museum
Animal Park Entry
1 x Bag of Animal Food
Mystery Mountain (Indoor Activities Building)
Speedy Gonzales Roller Coaster
Crystal Mountain Express Train
Pony Ride
Travis the Tractor Ride
Dinosaur Gully
Pony Pals Birthday Party
Option 1
$49.00 per child
Groups of  6 - 12 Children,
Minimum Age 4yrs
 Visitor Pass including Mystery Mountain Playground
Option 2
$59.00 per child  Ultimate Pass 
Pony Pals Options include:
1 x Pony Ride each
1 hour supervised
Pony Pampering 

Additional Activities 

(can be added to the Fun Pass Package)

1x Speedy Gonzales Roller Coaster Ride $5.00
1x Travis Tractor Ride $5.00
1x Panning for Crystals $7.00
1x Pony Ride $5.00

Birthday Party Platter Options
Must be pre-ordered 3 days in advance and in conjunction with the Birthday Party Activity Options. 
Cheerio Sausages (15 pieces) $20.00
Chicken Nuggets (20 pieces) $20.00
Sausage Rolls (10 pieces) $20.00
Mini Savouries (10 pieces) $20.00
Mini Hot Dogs (10 pieces) $20.00
Mini Samosa & Spring Rolls (20 pieces) $20.00
Assorted Sandwiches (12 pieces) $25.00
Mixed Mini Sweet Slices (10 pieces) $25.00
Mini Muffins (10 pieces) $20.00
Cheese Platter (serves 5-6 people) $35.00
Fruit Platter (serves 5-6 people) $35.00
Hot Dogs & Fries (single portion) $8.50
Nuggets & Fries (single portion) $8.50
Potato Wedges (std bowl) $8.00
Fries (std bowl) $7.00
Jugs of Juice 1.5Ltr $10.00