Gemfields Riding School


All prices are per rider. Preschool to Adult lessons are available Tuesday – Saturday 10am - 6pm
Students are grouped according to age and ability. Our horses are available for use,
or riders can bring their own pony from stage 3., if they would like to.
Stage 1 - 20 min lead rein lesson which is in a group of up to 3 riders (from 3 yrs <) $30
The child is led by the child’s caregiver/parent and taken for a ride around the park, with the instructor accompanying them giving instruction and encouraging them as they go.
The caregiver must be confident and an extra 20min is allowed for on the first lesson (at no additional cost), for training given to the caregiver prior to the first lesson).
The first lesson also includes pony painting (while caregivers receive instruction).
Stage 2 – 30mins - Lead rein/ lung group of up to 3 riders - $40
Often children from about 6 years old, will be ready to do the stage 2 lessons.
In addition to caregiver assisted riding, the instructor will work with each child individually on the lung line.
Stage 3 – 45 mins - Off the lung groups of up to 4 $50
Doing fun drills & activities to improve position and working relationship with pony.
Stage 4 – 45 mins - Flatwork- (groups of up to 4) -$50
LEVELS - novice, intermediate, Advanced
Stage 4 -  45 mins - Jumping- (groups of up to 4) -$50
LEVELS - novice, intermediate, Advanced

Stage 4 –  45 mins Individual lessons are available -$90
LEVELS - novice, intermediate, Advanced

Prepaid Concession cards are available for 6 lessons, and make great gifts.
If you wish to book a lesson or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sandy.

Sandy - Txt – 0210590535 or ph: 833 5033 ext. 700
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